DemoCamp Vancouver 10: Geo Edition

I will be speaking at the next DemoCamp Vancouver in March.  DemoCamp is usually an event where speakers show off a product that they have been working on.  I have been consulting with a few companies over the last year or so about how to integrate Geo Location and Location Based Services into their existing applications and services.  Boris Mann from over at Bootup asked me to do a talk and I just couldn’t refuse.

The last time I spoke at a DemoCamp was about 2 years ago.  I was just getting out of the video game industry and had started working on iPhone Development.  Here are 2 slides from that talk:

I proposed that the magic of the iPhone was going to be the shift towards digital distribution.  The video game industry was (and still largley is) beholden to WalMart and BestBuy.  Everyone is trying to copy the iTunes distribution model these days.  In early 2008, 6 months before the iTunes App Store launched, it wasn’t actually clear if this new distribution model would actually be successful.

Hopefully, I can point out something as insightful this time around, too.

But really, you shouldn’t come to hear me speak.  You should come to hear Matt Galligan.  He will be flying up from Boulder, Colorado to talk about SimpleGeo.  SimpleGeo is building infrastructure for the next generation of location based applications.  It looks like they are up to some very cool stuff.

For my part, I will try not to duplicate what others have said elsewhere.  I am always all about the dollar.  So, I will talk about how to build a viable business in the space.  It’s early in the game, so we will look at revenue models that seem to be working today.  I’ll also point out gaps in the Geo technology stacks.  These gaps are opportunities for companies to build out good products.

Signup and More Information:

DemoCamp Vancouver 10: Geo Edition

When: Thursday March 4th, 2010

Where: Ceili’s Irish Pub. 670 Smithe Street. Vancouver, BC.