February Vancouver iPhone Developers Meetup

The February iPhone Developers Meetup takes place this Wednesday at The Network Hub.

February iPhone Developers Meetup

The Network Hub

3rd floor - 422 Richards Street

Vancouver, B.C.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

7PM - 8:30PM

I will be doing a demo presentation on Optimizing Performance on the iPhone.  Memory optimization is key on the iPhone since it is an embedded device.  I’ll go over best practices for allocating and deallocating memory.  I will start by covering the Leak Detector.  The easiest path to poor performance is not correctly managing memory.

Then I will cover how to use ObjectAlloc in Instruments.  This will give you a view of where your App is actually allocating memory and how to optimize for that.

I’ll finish by going over the CPU Sampler and the OpenGL ES performance tool.

There is an event posted over at Upcoming.  Make sure you signup if you have a Yahoo Upcoming account.

Please make sure you join the Vancouver iPhone Developers Google Group if you are not already a member.